Who We Are


Aleksander Nacev


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Aleksandar Nacev serves as the CTO at Promaxo. Alek is an engineering professional with four years of experience in magnetic systems engineering developing small portable magnetic resonance systems for use in urological suites. Prior to joining Promaxo, he was a Senior Engineer at Weinberg Medical Physics LLC, a technology incubator in Rockville, Maryland specializing in novel imaging devices and image guided drug delivery systems. After earning his doctoral degree from the Fishcell Department of Bioengineering at the University of Maryland College Park, Alek has extended upon his research on magnetic drug targeting techniques to develop a novel method of precisely controlling and concentrating magnetic particles to a remote location. Alek also co-founded Iron Focus Medical, a medical device company integrating this technology into portable magnetic resonance systems so that a combination image guided therapy platform can be realized.